The World's First
Learner Skateboard

Say goodbye to boring walks!
Family walks just got cooler!

It's time to say goodbye to the pram and hello to the new skater in your family with the Ookkie Skateboard.

So much more than just a toy!

We’ve combined fun with early development! Ookkie Parents all around the world have loved seeing the way their child has developed their balance and core stability as a result of riding the Ookkie.

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I was so surprised at the quality of this board. Everything fits together snug and it isn’t wobbly so she feels safe riding it. My daughter is only a year old so balance is new for her but this board is amazing and she totally loves it!

Katlynn M.

We purchased this for our daughters first birthday. We were too excited so have started to use it now! She loves it! We were worried as she can’t stand unassisted yet and it’s very cautious.

Since she had been riding on this her confidence has grown and we have been other skills accelerate (her climbing especially)!

Elly D
United States

Learning with Ookkie has been amazing. When she started she had just turned 3. I could push her on the board with ease and not have to worry about her getting hurt, and she was skateboarding like she wanted!

Kara B
United States

The easiest way to teach a toddler to skateboard! Alaia feels so comfortable riding her Ookkie.


My 1 year old has been obsessed since the moment I took it out of the box! Such an awesome idea and the safety gear (XS) fits and works even though my boy is a little smaller than average.

Shannon B

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