Staying Safe On
Your Ookkie

Ookkie Skateboard Warning!

• To be used under the direct supervision of an adult at all times.
• Protective equipment should be worn.
• Not to be used in traffic.
• 20kg max rider weight.
• Do not use while child is seated.
• Not to be used by children who are unable to stand unassisted.

Remember! Each young rider is going to develop at their own pace. Never attempt to try things that are not appropriate to the age or development of your individual child. A parent’s decision to allow their child to ride this product without any assist handles should depend on the child’s maturity, skills, and capabilities to follow instructions.

The recommended environment to use your Ookkie® is on smooth, flat, even ground where the child rider can develop fundamental balance and confidence by standing on a skateboard in a safe controlled manner.

Important Guidelines

In addition to following the warnings set out above, following these guidelines will assist in ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Failure to do so increases the risk of serious injury or damage:

• Never use the Ookkie® while the rider is seated.
• Protective equipment to be worn includes protective pads, helmet and wrist guards.
• Only one rider at a time.
• Max rider weight of 20kg.
• Never use the Ookkie® on uneven pavement.
• Do not ride the Ookkie® at night or where visibility is poor.
• This product is not designed for stunts or “off-road” use.
• Not to be used on roads, in traffic or near motor vehicles.
• Not to be used on uneven pavement.
• Not to be used on hills.
• Carryout periodic safety checks on all screws, bolts and handles to avoid accidents/damage.
• Supervising adults accept all risks when a child is using this product.
• Use is at the user’s risk and should be based on the individual rider’s skill and ability.
• No modifications should be made to your skateboard. Doing so will avoid the manufacturers warranty set out below.
• Failure to use basic common sense and adhering to these warnings increases your risk of serious injury.

This product is to be used for the sole purpose of skateboarding. Skateboarding can be dangerous. Always obey all laws and regulations regarding private property and road safety. Use on flat, clean and dry surfaces and avoid contact with wet or icy surfaces. Ensure the rider always wears protective gear, including a helmet, hand/wrist protection, elbow protection and knee protection when operating this skateboard.

Questions & Answers

Protective equipment to be worn whilst riding the Ookkie includes protective pads, helmet and wrist guards.