Ookkie Skateboard
Ookkie Skateboard
Ookkie Skateboard
Ookkie Skateboard
Ookkie Skateboard
Ookkie Skateboard
Ookkie Skateboard
Ookkie Skateboard
Ookkie Skateboard
Ookkie Skateboard

*Helmet & Safety Set not included.

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Ookkie Skateboard

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  • Ookkie® 120 Day Warranty
  • World's First 4-in-1 Learner Skateboard

Ookkie® Skateboard, the world's first learner skateboard, designed for the whole family. We're not sure who enjoys it more: the young rider, mastering skateboarding for the first time, or their proud parents pushing them along!

  • Confidence + Balance Booster
    A skateboard that grows with your child and helps develop balance and confidence.
  • 4-in-1 Skateboard
    As confidence and skill develops, you can progress to riding without the handles, until the board is just a perfectly functional skateboard! Height adjustable, so you can find the right position for both child and parent.
  • Easy as 1-2-3
    Easy to setup and collapsible for travel, no worries.
Coolest kid on the block!
Lookout World, Baby On Board!

You won't believe how quickly your child will pick it up. They'll stand out amongst all the other kids!

Lasts For Years!
Progresses With Your Child 

As confidence and skill develops, you can progress to riding without the handles, until the board is just a perfectly functional skateboard!

Easy Storage and Transport
Fits Easily In The Boot of The Car

Easy to assemble and pull apart, you'll be amazed how easy it is to throw it in the back of the car for a quick trip. 

• Recommended Age Range 2 - 6
• Recommended Rider Weight 20kg / 44lb
• Skateboard Weight 3.8kg / 8.3lb
• Children Handle Height 41-60cm / 16-23.5"
• Parent Handle Height 81-86cm / 31.8-33.8"
• Wheel Size 58mm
• Deck Width 18cm / 7"
• Deck Length 75cm / 29.5"
• Ground Clearance 3.5cm / 1.3"
• Box Size 77cm x 15cm x 34cm / 30" x 5.9" x 13.3"
• Box Weight 4.7kg / 10lb

Is the Ookkie right for my child?
The Ookkie is for all of the Mums, Dads, Grandparents and rad Aunts and Uncles who want to safely support their little one to learn how to ride a skateboard. We have designed the Ookkie for an average age range of 2-6 years old and a maximum recommended rider weight of 20kg. If they are under or up to this weight, they will be good to roll!

Will the Ookkie help my child safely learn how to skateboard?
The 41-60cm adjustable Child handle provides extra stability for riders from 2-6 years old and helps them develop their balance and confidence on the board as they grow. While the 81-86cm adjustable Parent handle helps you to safely guide them. As the rider learns and grows, the board will transition with them. There are 4 stages of the Ookkie from all handles, to just the child or just the parent handle, to none at all when they are ready to skate on their own.

Will it fit in my car boot?
We all know how quickly the back of the car fills up, so we designed the Ookkie to be easily collapsible. With the quick push of a button at the base of the board, you can break the board down into its 3 main components to fit nicely. Perfect to take down to the park, beach or on longer holidays!

How does it steer?
The Ookkie is easily manoeuvrable without compromising on stability. Some parents assist their little ones in steering when first learning, however, as the rider develops confidence, they can begin to change direction by leaning. The front truck is easily adjustable, to be either tightened (for a more stable ride) or loosened to allow the rider more control.

What else do I need to know?
If you're unsure about whether the board is right for you, just take a look at our hundreds of reviews. Children of all ages, shapes and sizes have found their Ookkie Skateboard learning experience to be a successful and rewarding one. We're incredibly proud of the diverse range of families that have enjoyed the Ookkie Skateboard thus far, and are extremely confident that your experience will be positive too! 

WARNING! The Ookkie® skateboard requires assembly by an adult before riding. Please keep the pieces out of child’s reach while assembling your Ookkie.

Step 1

Insert the Children's Handle Pole (A) into the skateboard. You will hear a ‘click’ when it locks into place correctly. Confirm the pole is locked by looking for the Silver Button (B).

Step 2

Open the Cam Lock (A) on the children’s handle and insert the Pole of Parent’s Handle (B). Make sure to hold in the silver button on the pole as you insert.

Step 3

Slide the parent handle down until you see the Silver Button (A) lock into one of the holes of children’s handle pole. The hole you select should be comfortable for your height.

Step 4

Use the Cam Lock (A) to lock the poles together by rotating the lever. Tighten clamp if required by rotating the Bolt (B) and lock.

Step 5

If required, adjust the height of the children’s handle to suit the height of your child. This can be done by loosening the Screws (A) with a Phillips head screwdriver and then retightening when the handle has been placed at the correct height.

Ookkie Skateboard Warning!

• To be used under the direct supervision of an adult at all times.
• Protective equipment should be worn.
• Not to be used in traffic.
• 20kg max rider weight.
• Do not use while child is seated.
• Not to be used by children who are unable to stand unassisted.

Remember! Each young rider is going to develop at their own pace. Never attempt to try things that are not appropriate to the age or development of your individual child. A parent’s decision to allow their child to ride this product without any assist handles should depend on the child’s maturity, skills, and capabilities to follow instructions.

The recommended environment to use your Ookkie® is on smooth, flat, even ground where the child rider can develop fundamental balance and confidence by standing on a skateboard in a safe controlled manner.

Important Guidelines

In addition to following the warnings set out above, following these guidelines will assist in ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Failure to do so increases the risk of serious injury or damage:


• Never use the Ookkie® while the rider is seated.
• Protective equipment to be worn includes protective pads, helmet and wrist guards.
• Only one rider at a time.
• Max rider weight of 20kg.
• Do not ride the Ookkie® at night or where visibility is poor.
• This product is not designed for stunts or “off-road” use.
• Not to be used on roads, in traffic or near motor vehicles.
• Not to be used on uneven pavement.
• Not to be used on hills.
• Carryout periodic safety checks on all screws, bolts and handles to avoid accidents/damage.
• Supervising adults accept all risks when a child is using this product.
• Use is at the user’s risk and should be based on the individual rider’s skill and ability.
• No modifications should be made to your skateboard. Doing so will avoid the manufacturers warranty set out below.
• Failure to use basic common sense and adhering to these warnings increases your risk of serious injury.


This product is to be used for the sole purpose of skateboarding. Skateboarding can be dangerous. Always obey all laws and regulations regarding private property and road safety. Use on flat, clean and dry surfaces and avoid contact with wet or icy surfaces. Ensure the rider always wears protective gear, including a helmet, hand/wrist protection, elbow protection and knee protection when operating this skateboard.

Stage 1
Parent’s Handle & Children’s Handle

The perfect setup for new riders. The children’s handle provides support for the rider when standing and assists to develop balance and stability and gain confidence. The parent handle gives the parent ultimate control in the speed and direction.

Stage 2
Parent’s Handle Only

For confident riders that need some extra help pushing, or want to go further distances with the help of a parent.

Stage 3
Children’s Handle Only

For riders who are confident in standing up and are skateboarding in a safe, protected environment. This phase allows the rider to explore ‘pushing’ and making the board move without assistance, but still provides balance support for the child.

Stage 4
Skateboard Only

Congratulations! The rider has made it to the final stage where they can ride a skateboard without any help!

Looking After Your Ookkie

Your new skateboard is designed with quality components and secret plastic formula to ensure a premium ride, built for strength, flexibility, performance and maximum radness. However, please be aware that over time general wear and tear or prolonged exposure to UV or moisture may impair the performance of your skateboard. We recommend your skateboard be continuously maintained and components replaced throughout the life of your board to ensure a safe and smooth ride.

Servicing & Maintenance

Tightening or adjustments of all bolts and nuts may be required to suit your riding preference. It is expressly recommended that you regularly check your skateboard for loose bolts, nuts or damage prior to skating.

Replacement of wheels is recommended after visible wear & tear. Inspect your deck regularly for chips or cracks. If any are found, discontinue use and replace. Replacement of bearings, nuts and bolts after sustained use is recommended.

Replacing components with genuine Ookkie® manufactured components is recommended.

Important Product Information

This complete skateboard is a piece of sporting equipment. It was designed and manufactured to operate with all of the original components supplied. It is only designed to operate safely with correct use of Ookkie® manufactured components.

Any modifications made to this board will invalidate your warranty and may impair safety and/or impact performance of the equipment for its intended use.

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640 Reviews
Reviewed by Kathleen G.
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Our grandaughter loves her Ookkie!

What a great invention! Our 1 year old grandaughter loves the Ookkie skateboard. The pads are excellent. They fit really well and don’t slide off. She is all sorts of adorable in the board. Highly recommend.

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Reviewed by roman
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super deskorolka

myślę że są to super deskorolki zarówna dla starszych jak i młotszych

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Reviewed by Philippe J.
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Good product

Good quality

Works well

Easy for the kid to stay on the board

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Reviewed by Chelsey S.
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Perfect present!!

Brought this for our 4yo for his birthday. Absolutely loved it!!

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Reviewed by Kelly B.
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My little nephew is loving his new Ookkie

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