Meet Rainbow. 4 Years Old & Lovin' Ookkie!

We spoke to mum, Joanne, to learn a bit more about Rainbow's journey with the Ookkie. Here's what they had to say.

What was your reason for getting an Ookkie?

Rainbow loves to skateboard and it was her 4th birthday. Best present ever!


Describe the learning experience on the Ookkie for us.

Rainbow was a bit nervous when she first stepped in her board, but her confidence has grown! She goes out with daddy every day practicing. He doesn't get a chance to rest after a days work. Rainbow has him running and letting go! She's really keen for speed, and she's starting to let go her self too.

Do you get any comments when you're out and about riding the board?

I've had loads of messages asking where we got it from. Strangers in the street ask as they've never seen anything like it before and think it's awesome.

How has the Ookkie helped your little one in their development?

Rainbow's confidence has improved a lot, she's letting go and learning to steer by her self. Her balance is brilliant. She has always been keen to skateboard but she was always so nervous on a normal board. She's improved loads.


How has the Ookkie become a part of your family life and routine?

Every day as soon as daddy walks through the door.... she's ready to go and he absolutely loves it! They could be out for up to an hour every evening practicing.

Where can readers follow along with Rainbow's journey?

On Instagram @themangershome