Meet Zylah. 4 Years Old & Loves to Skate!

We spoke to mum, Tiarra, to learn a bit more about Zylah's journey with the Ookkie. Here's what they had to say.

What was your reason for getting an Ookkie?

When she was 3 she asked for a skateboard. I found Ookkie and knew it was perfect for her to learn and still be comfortable and confident.

Describe the learning experience on the Ookkie for us.

The learning experience has been great. She has been able to work on her balance independently in her eyes (which is super important for her confidence), and she has also been able to learn the basics of skateboarding quickly. She will be riding on her own with no handle before this year is over.

Do you get any comments when you're out and about riding the board?

Lots of stares. I'm positive that they go and Google what it is she's riding after seeing us.

How has the Ookkie helped your little one in their development?

It has helped with her balance, stability, and confidence to try new skills.

How has the Ookkie become a part of your family life and routine?

We go on walks often on the Ookkie, and we practice inside and outside our home.

Where can readers follow along with Anne's journey?

On Instagram @tiarrawilliams